How to Lose a Potential TM in 10 Ways

  1. Fail to use it, and someone else starts to use it first.
  2. Fail to research it, and get a cease-and-desist letter from a person with first use.
  3. Fail to use your trademark exactly as you applied for it (spelling and spacing count)
  4. Fail to file an extension to prove use
  5. Fail to file your Sect 8 affirmation of continued use (a/k/a 5th year filing)
  6. Use a term that is very similar to a Trademark you already know is used on a similar product
  7. Use a Generic Term or only Terms that describe your product
  8. Include terms that describe Geographical Locations
  9. Use a common Last Name or a Biblical reference as your mark
  10. Include a photo of someone without their permission.

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